The Management and personnel’s quality policy ensures they offer the best possible service and that they meet your satisfaction.

Quality is based on 2 principles:
• Consistency or assurance of a continuous level of quality
• Compliance or respect of the requirements contained in the quality system documentation

Our Mission
Preserve and help the local clientele and tourists discover the heritage treasures, which are: the life of a select fishing club of the 20th century and that of an exceptional species, the Atlantic salmon, presented at the Matamajaw Historical Site.

Our Values
Offer our visitors access to heritage sites while respecting conservation and the policy on posted prices; Offer a clean and safe environment; Offer a quality hospitality service.

Our Commitments
Offer quality services that meet the expectations of our guests; Welcome our guests in a courteous and enthusiastic manner; Do our work in a competent and professional manner.

                           The Matamajaw Historical Site management team and personnel

Season 2014



The museums Matamajaw and Dr Joseph Frenette’s house are open until September 8th.

ART GALLERY-MATAMAJAW’S TEAROOM-June 21st to September 8th

Tuesday to Sunday, 11h30am to 5h30pm until September 8th. We have a wide selection on tea and cuteness proposed to you. You can see, this year, an exposition of painting called Pour les amoureux du vent et des bords de mer by Manon Côté.

Free admission. Information: 418 756-6048.


June 19th to September 8th: You can see an exposition of painting called Pour les amoureux du vent et des bords de mer, presented at the Art Galerie and Tea Room.

June 21st to September 8th: At the tearoom. From Tuesday to Sunday (closed on Monday except July 21th, July 28th, August 4th and 1 of the september ) 11:30am to 5:30  pm.

INFORMATIONS: 418 756 5999 OU 418 756 6048

Faucus inc. as a non-profit organization that receives no funding from federal or provincial governments. Its income comes mainly from entry fees and gift shop sales. Any donation will be much appreciated. A receipt will be issued for your contribution. We thank you for your generosity. NE 1006408857IM0001


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Pour information: (418 ) 756-5999 ou (418)  756-6048

Afin de ne rien manquer de nos activités et divertissements disponibles pour la saison 2014 consultez nos rubriques activités et expositions.


Location de salle: vous avez une réunion de famille, un party de bureau ou un groupe d’amis qui veut faire des retrouvailles ou … Pourquoi ne pas louer le local de la Galerie? Le local peut accueillir jusqu’à quarante personnes. Venez le visiter. Prix compétitif et la location est offerte durant toute l’année. Pour informations : 418-756-5999


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